Engages in a variety of art projects that are all inclusive regardless of experiential background, capabilities, developmental and learning differences, interests or ambitions. Engage students with calming discipline and instructions that activate multiple intelligences to produce rewarding results. Projects are age appropriate and highly industrious in nature, designed to empower and improve self-esteem.

Muralopolis supports Citywide Instructional Expectations

The work of the visiting artists and the student artist utilizes the conditions for successful implementation. Students are exposed to complex arts curriculum and receive nearly one-to-one support in practicing and demonstrating understanding of technique. Utilizing concepts of Multiple Intelligence and differentiation; students are provided with numerous ways of accessing the art form. Students are under the constant guidance of both a visiting artist and a certified teacher. They are required to demonstrate their understanding of the connection between the art forms and college and career readiness. They are exposed to various artistic forms and visit museums and other venues that celebrate the work of artists. Students partner, through the visiting artist with outside venues and are provided with opportunities to have their own work presented in a public forum.
Muralopolis is a Common Core aligned organization

The Common Core standards were developed by educators and other experts based on research and lessons learned from top-performing countries. The standards describe the skills and knowledge our students need to succeed in a rapidly changing world, including the ability to think creatively, solve real-world problems, make effective arguments, and engage in debates. The Common Core standards provide us with a powerful opportunity to develop students’ critical thinking skills and push them to become lifelong learners.
Muralopolis demonstrates the benefit of determination and commitment.

Students are led through a series of steps that explore exposure to great works, student reflection and evaluation of these works and student interpretation and synthesis. They learn to connect their passion for the art-form to their critical knowledge of technique and application. Artwork is in itself symbolic of both comprehension of an art-form and real-world application. The arts promote and encourage exploration and encourage children to practice skills that are vital to a well-rounded education. How does one learn to approach complex scientific or mathematic challenges without the ability to think creatively and be innovative?
Muralopolis targets the Whole-Child

Students are encouraged to think of themselves as part of a whole community. They learn to value their input into a greater whole. Their journey is inspirational, thought-provoking and challenging. They grapple as a team to resolve the inherent conflict between imagination and implementation. They are encouraged to value the process over the product. They participate in developing the blueprint for each piece of art and work as a team to its end. The value of team is at the forefront of each project and ‘no man is ever left behind’.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Pablo Picasso