Quentin"kwenci" Jones,



"My artistic awareness kicked in at about the age of a kid I grew up at the edge of the hood in the city of Trenton, NJ around the corner from the train station and adjacent to a strecth of tracks that lead to the frieght trains railroad yard. I had the old mule barge canal that snakes throught the city and miles of vegetation to create my own world of adventures within the confines of the urban jungle. I climbed trees higher than any kid in the neighborhood, made sculpture with my mom's Reynolds Wrap and started drawing whole pictures by the second grade. Between the ages of 15-26 I had this incredible half wolf, half german shepperd named Torbruk! Growing up into an adult I ran the streets, learn the streets, did the streets...the street did me. Almost did me in. Danger , drugs and fun is always exciting. A bullet straight through the leg sent me straight to college and straight back to how I was raised for a minute. I give credit and honor my under-educated southern, loving (Ibaye)parents. Their emphasis on education was about survival of the fittest (smartest).
They understood my talent needed room to breath and gave me "creative  license" at an early age...I grew up"fast!"
Their dedication to the education of  7 siblings inspires my habit of learning, teaching and contributingto this day.
In all my walks of life I have always educated my gift into a honed skill, grateful to the Creator and dutiful in giving it back.
"The "Zone" of creativity is fromless and endless! My duty is to make my all appointment with that spirit."

"After college, marriage and a divorce, I decided I needed some excitement so my crazy behind joined the Marine Corps. In my training I witnessed and accomplished some remarkable things. It was some of the best "how to do" instructions I ever received. The military honed my physical and instinctive abilities, more than I could have imagined. While serving in the FMF I saw a variety of terrain that excited day while trianing in the Sierra Nevada mountain range I saw a mountain that called me from above. My friend and fellow climber Sargent Dawes climbed it that day. I beheld the curviture the earth. In that singular panoramic view of the earth below me, I knew then why I climbed trees until there was no tree left...I was on top of the more ground left.

After the military I started teaching and the rest is history...

I love to climb. I love to paint. I love to build. I love to create. I love to teach. I love to learn. I love working with people...
...but I'm more fluent and comfortable up in the air painting than I am walking on a crowded street in Manhattan.
Up on a scaffold I'm as agile and focused as a predatory cat. I never consider falling because my totality has one paint!
My mind, body and spirit collectively wants to complete the premeditated "Vision" the cultivation is for that very moment.
I operate as a culmination of talent, skill and animal the "Zone"...I am formless, I am possessed...
... I am the PAINT PANTHER"